NRA attendees contend with case of Obamacare-itis

There were a lot of clues at the National Restaurant Association Show: The crowds waiting to get into the healthcare reform education sessions. The full schedule of the advisors at the NRA healthcare reform knowledge center faced every day.


The pursuit of customer satisfaction

Mike Roberts’ is doing what he’s always done: following the customer. It’s tempting to see Guest Editor Mike Roberts’ new LYFE Kitchen and its array of socially responsible attributes as a departure from his old job as Global President and COO of McDonald’s.

Mixologists are following chefs' lead on the farm-to-table trend and crafting farm-to-glass libations. Right now, fresh, seasonal produce is the inspiration for some special of-the-moment cocktails with the fresh taste of spring.

Restaurants are going into high gear for one the biggest dining-out days of the year: Mother's Day. Here's a sampling of some of the special menus being offered this year on Sunday, May 12. It seems like a holiday where splurging is the way to go.

Chefs in other parts of the country are often envious of their peers cooking in the Napa Valley. After all, local foods and wines are superlative and bountiful and the climate, balmy. But even in this idyllic setting, spring can be a tease.

Working at an upscale Boston restaurant, Paul Booras took a road trip with the chef when the first plump ones came off the vines.

As an entrant into the booming fast-casual segment, LYFE Kitchen brings some serious culinary cred to the table, but it’s also rapidly becoming a standard-bearer for a whole new definition of “health food.”

Four luminaries of the restaurant and food industries took the stage at a Culinary Institute of America event last week to share their culinary philosophies and formulas for success. The quartet—Rick Bayless, Cliff Pleau, Daniel Humm and Walter Robb—was there to be honored with a 2013 Augie Leadership Award, a CIA honor now in its seventh year.

Here are the definitions to the terms in our pop quiz .For more information, or fuller definitions of the terms, visit the NRA’s microsite.

MexiCali Burrito Co., a, family-owned taqueria in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was already well into catering when it signed up with Boston start-up Phoodeez (pronounced food-ies) to boost its corporate reach.

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