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Issues and insights on seasonal fruit

Talk to many chefs these days, especially in fine dining, and they’ll tell you that “local” and “seasonal” are top priorities when purchasing fresh fruit

Menu rehab on a shoestring

Big profits from cost-conscious changes. As food costs continue to escalate and margins get squeezed ever tighter, periodic menu fixes become even more important to the bottom line.

Festive fare destined to spread cheer throughout the holiday season.

In celebration of everything Irish, St. Patrick's Day gives diners the opportunity to experience Gaelic fare at its best. Here are some of the dishes that will make revelers green with envy.

Capping off a night out with his wife last winter, Mark Snyder ducked into a local bakery craving a little something sweet.

Greg Atkinson was buying and promoting local foods long before it became the routine thing to do for top chefs. The former chef of Seattle’s Canlis then took time off from cooking in restaurants to teach culinary arts and write about food. Now Atkinson is back at the stove in his newly opened Marché on Bainbridge Island in Winslow, Wash., where he’s again preparing the most indigenous ingredients he can get his hands on.

Chefs in foodservice operations of all stripes are bringing distinct culinary experiences to their catering customers, offering everything from farm-to-fork menus to boxed lunches to deluxe sit-downs.

To make sure your promotions don’t go down and out, consider these tips.

Micro-brewers may have originally tapped into seasonal fruit beers to tempt female patrons, but men are drinking them, too.

Operators and their customers who love meat are starting to fork over more money to put protein on the plate. The problem starts with the feed. Cattle are traditionally finished on grain, but farmers looking for larger profits are now growing corn for ethanol instead of animal feed. Cow/calf producers are currently bearing the brunt of higher feed prices.

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