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Flexibility = fresh picks

Vermilion’s location in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Alexandria is a stone’s throw from Virginia’s rolling farmland and Chesapeake Bay’s fishing grounds. That’s allowed executive chef Tony Chittum to develop relationships with dozens of farmers and fishermen.


Seasonal Plates

Crafting a Southern-inspired Christmas menu is “a balancing act,” declares Don Drake, executive chef of Magnolias in Charleston, S.C. That’s because even though patrons relish the upscale restaurant’s modern takes on traditional cooking, they tend to judge its holiday dishes against their own cherished memories of home-cooked fare.

There were a lot of clues at the National Restaurant Association Show: The crowds waiting to get into the healthcare reform education sessions. The full schedule of the advisors at the NRA healthcare reform knowledge center faced every day.

Up, up, and away. Beef prices. Cheese prices. Seafood, gas, insurance. Labor costs, as states from New York to Oregon—and many in between—prepare to hike minimum wage.

Apples are synonymous with autumn, complete with the scent of baking apple pies. And, increasingly, with the pleasing aromas of apple-based booze.

Smart beverage buyers have to keep current, but a crystal ball wouldn’t hurt.

Count on chicken and turkey to pack a lot of punch for your purchasing dollars.

Fresh, seasonal ingredients, fragrant herbs and spices and bright, simple flavors epitomize Persian cooking—the cuisine of Iran.

CHICAGO (November 8, 2011 - PR Newswire)—Just as the nation's economic forecast includes mixed signals, restaurants across the U.S. face a varied landscape...

Year round, hot coffee is the most frequently purchased beverage in foodservice operations; 49% of consumers buy it regularly, according to a survey by American Express MarketBriefing. But as the weather gets hotter, the sale of cold beverages also heats up.

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