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IHOP plans another name change

This time the “P” is changing to, well, “P.”


Does Instagram influence where customers dine out?

The social media channel boasts drool-worthy food photos, but how much does it impact restaurant choice?

Dealing with a staffer who posts hateful content is not as simple as it seems, Advice Guy says.

The Leaf Rakers Society group fuels consumer excitement for the coffee chain’s pumpkin-spice offerings.

What’s more likely to turn heads, the next chapter in Burgerville’s union dealings, or the fourth bun-related restaurant closure of the week? Check out these and the industry’s other jaw-dropping developments of recent days.

Less than a week ago, Twitter rolled out a new design for profile pages. Some operators have embraced the challenge. Others have more to learn.

Wolfgang Puck wants to be America’s go-to-chef, and his new iPhone/iPad app. launched mid-April, may just help him realize his dream.

Salinas, California-based Markon Cooperative, Inc., the produce source of eight independently owned foodservice companies, launched a mobile app that allows...

Whoever uttered the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt” may have gotten it wrong—at least when it comes to restaurants. A new study suggests that familiarity actually makes customers more loyal.

Many industry savants see service as the area where restaurants can distinguish themselves. Then why are so many trying to cut server-customer interaction?

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