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Mastering social media’s new tools

As social media tools evolve, operators are shifting to an extended form of engagement that lets guests interact with brands in ever-more personal ways.

Feeding the night owls

Late-night dining is the rage, so maybe it’s time to think about keeping the doors open a little longer.

Three meat industry mavens share their strategies for purchasing and menuing underutilized cuts: Scott Popovic, corporate chef with Certified Angus Beef,...

We've redesigned Restaurant Business magazine! Throughout are new graphic treatments that show our commitment to giving you captivating designs, all courtesy of our artistic brain trust: Jerimiah Brown, Abbey Lewis and Art Director Susan Froberg.

No one’s calling you a thief, pal. But the restaurant business certainly abounds in “coincidence.” A successful idea hatched by one operator tends to appear in short order throughout the industry—in almost exactly the same form! Mini-desserts anyone?

Chef Ferran Adria has an idea to fund his next project. A California restaurant takes the bug by the horns. And a Boston chef has a counter-intuitive idea about dealing with online complaints.

This week: a new use for social media, teaching kids good manners, requiring heels, and how to be a hero.

Two days into a think tank for 1,200 restaurant executives, a half-dozen currents hijacked the discussions.

Among the bills signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown this week was one that protects posters of negative restaurant reviews on sites like Yelp.

Strategies to answer social media harassment.

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