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Five social-media mavens to steal from

No one’s calling you a thief, pal. But the restaurant business certainly abounds in “coincidence.” A successful idea hatched by one operator tends to appear in short order throughout the industry—in almost exactly the same form! Mini-desserts anyone?

Markon Launches Produce-centric Mobile App

SALINAS, CA (February 12, 2013)—Markon Cooperative, Inc., the produce source of eight independently owned foodservice companies, launched a mobile app that...

Consumers are smart and the adoption rate of technology in our industry is gaining momentum to meet their high demand. Facebook, tablets, mobile ordering—the list goes on. What technology do you have in place? How are you using it to keep the customer experience high? What is your strategy to continually engage them? You can find those answers and more at this year’s FSTEC NexGen.

Restaurants’ policies try to keep up with the times.

Digital advances are coming with some lingual ones as well. Here’s how the restaurant industry glossary is being rewritten to reflect advances on the tech front.

Restaurants court consumers with concepts designed for next-level hospitality and social engagement.

See how TGI Fridays grew its Facebook and Twitter audience by more than 100%.

Seven restaurant people let us in on their extreme food vacation destinations.

As the nation begins to emerge from recession, restaurants are seeing lapsed customers return. Same-store sales are inching up, signaling the industry’s initial rebound to health; hiring is also up, signaling positive expectations for 2011.

Social media is here to stay, and your customers are expecting to find photos of your menu offerings. Give them what they're looking for without spending a fortune on a professional photographer by following these simple tips.

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