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Building a local presence on Facebook

Attendees learned that there are three steps to building and promoting a local presence for your brand on Facebook:.


Anatomy of a social website

As Shake Shack has grown from its humble beginnings into a family of 15 stores in three countries, so has its social media fan base. To support their avid and active customers, they redesigned and relaunched their website.

One of our colleagues is convinced he should cap off an outstanding publishing career by opening a restaurant with a partner he barely knows. We’re still planning the intervention, but at least his kids are safe.

Operators decided this week that enough was enough. Fisticuffs erupted.

These are the brands people are talking about most, on and off social media.

Jumping in on a pop-culture moment can pay off for restaurant operators. But that sort of attention can also come with pain points, as McDonald’s was reminded over the weekend.

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