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Consumer Trends

New breaches raise data security concerns

Approximately 110 million customers' credit card or personal information was hijacked in the Target data breach that occurred this past holiday season

Greening of the Supply Chain

Responding to our request to provide a simple definition of green building design, Wesley Grandstrand, vice president for Leo A. Daly, Minneapolis, stated...

CHICAGO (December 20, 2011)—Testa Produce shot for the moon when it set out to build the most eco-friendly refrigerated foods distribution center in the...

Taking a less-than-traditional approach to restaurants, Brendan Sodikoff has launched a growing empire in Chicago in just over four years.

The so-called third wave of coffee culture has arrived.

Customers are armed with more information about your business practices, and they are acting on their values. If you share their values, great; if you don’t, look out.

Recent headlines spotlight restaurants that ban kids or offer discounts when they behave as they should. But Executive Editor Kelly Killian argues that good restaurants know how to serve both families and guests without kids equally well.

McDonald's is participating with leading animal welfare scientists, academics, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and egg suppliers in a study of housing...

CHICAGO (October 12, 2012)—Testa Produce announced that it is a founding participant in Greener Fields Together, an industry-wide sustainability and local...

While statistics are hard to come by, one liquor-auditing service estimates that bar losses equal about 23 percent of the bottom line.

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