The bar goes retail

That’s one Gin Rickey coming right up, and I’ll wrap up the spotted dick to go.” For some forward-thinking operators, selling specialty groceries is a unique way to boost the bar tab and make themselves a retail destination as well. But it takes more than just tacking up a few shelves of merchandise to grab those take-away retail sales. How do you make it work?

In-car ordering revs up

The likelihood of a connected car that would let drivers order and pay for a pizza without taking their hands off the wheel got a boost last month.

The nation's worsening drug problem is spilling into restaurants, and that's not the only negative carryover from other realms. Overtime lawsuits are proliferating while new regulations are on hold. But there is some good news among the week's most noticeable developments.

So, how's business?

Five portraits form a multi-generational celebration of life in the family store.

Nearly nine out of 10 consumers are eager to lend restaurants a hand in recycling their trash, according to a sustainability study released at the National Restaurant Association show.

Not all of the juiciest restaurant developments are reflected in the mainstream media’s headlines. Consider these tidbits, for instance.

A confluence of tech advances, changing lifestyles and demographic shifts has brought a renaissance in takeout, and everyone is racing to capitalize on it.

The scaled-down venture will operate under a separate name. Beer and TV will be essential features.

Most of us put extra effort into our marketing, training, menu, and service for the winter holidays. Then things slow down and unless we're in a heavy summer tourist area, we fall into the summer doldrums. It doesn't have to be this way. Spring and Summer seasonal changes can bring some unique opportunities to lighten up your menu, freshen up your image, and gather up the business.

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