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Starbucks finds order-and-pay-ahead is not so frictionless

The chain said transactions declined at the end of 2016 because restaurants were congested with patrons picking up orders that were placed via app. Other customers left without making a purchase, executives explained.


Seattle breaks new ground with latest restaurant ban

A sweeping prohibition of single-use wares has finally been set for enforcement, and restaurants indicate they're ready.

Want to beat the big guys in this game? You’d better find the right corner—or in-line or end-cap. “Of all the decisions a new restaurant owner will make, the biggest is real estate,” says Steve Greene, COO of Camille’s Sidewalk Café in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A refrigerator is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. With energy costs so high, it’s important to look beyond a refrigeration unit’s desirable...

We go international this week: A new “caveman” take-out restaurant in Copenhagen. A London restaurant gives would-be brides an assist. Chicago restaurants create international menus. And an Atlanta pizza place addresses the international issue of crying babies.

Here’s what other operators can learn about opening a restaurant today from Sam Fox’s most recent launch.

Kitchen recasts are accounting for a large part of chains’ capex budgets for 2017. The aim of the moment is to boost throughput and capitalize on off-premise demand.

As the restaurant business continues to meet hurdles and headwinds in the current year, these forces will steer the industry in the next.

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