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Smart spending

The August 2009 NRA expectations Index reported that “45 percent of restaurant operators plan to make a capital expenditure for equipment, expansion or remodeling in the next six months.” Whether that prediction comes true remains to be seen. But this year’s crop of new products puts the emphasis on helping operators maximize every dollar.

Health insurance 101

Bottom line: Health insurance is confusing and ready to get even more so. Every restaurant has questions. Be ready to give answers with this tutorial from...

The Great Recession left clear winners and losers in the chain restaurant game. Fast-food places? Burger King wasn’t the only one that could wear a crown.

With today’s rising ingredient costs and tight margins, portion control is more essential than ever. That’s why scales are so important in both back- and front-of-house.

Instead of fighting the growing trend of restaurant customers posting photos of their menu orders, Felipe Donnelly, owner of Cómodo, a four-month old Latin American eatery in Soho, New York, has embraced it, using the photos to create what is being called the first Instagram menu.

With the ever-increasing popularity of smoothies, frozen yogurt and frozen alcoholic beverages, chilled treats have found a place on the menu all year long. To keep up with that popularity, beverage and dessert machines are easier than ever to operate and offer a wider range of products.

Consumers are smart and the adoption rate of technology in our industry is gaining momentum to meet their high demand. Facebook, tablets, mobile ordering—the list goes on. What technology do you have in place? How are you using it to keep the customer experience high? What is your strategy to continually engage them? You can find those answers and more at this year’s FSTEC NexGen.

Ideas flew like golf balls at a driving range during the four days of the Restaurant Leadership Conference. Here are a dozen the editorial staff of Restaurant Business regarded as particularly worth retrieving.

In a test in an undisclosed market, the coffee chain will allow customers to place pickup orders from their smartphones later this year.

Operators decided this week that enough was enough. Fisticuffs erupted.

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