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Tech gets its time in the main-stage limelight

Restaurant leaders’ growing reliance on interactive technology catapulted the topic onto the main stage of the RLC for the first time this year.

The week’s 5 head-spinning moments

Restaurants take bytes, lemons get a bad rap, Starbucks makes a case for steroid testing, few brrr’s about the cold and how Chipotle is serving the flexitarian.

High-tech enhancements transform Panera Bread into Panera 2.0.

Ari Malcolm set out to modernize the traditional pizza joint. Here, “guests control their own experience [through tech],” he says.

The Number Two burger chain is reportedly working with the online transaction processor to add a cashless payment option to the Burger King app by next year.

The 100 or so chain executives attending Chicago researcher Technomic’s 2015 Consumer Insights and Planning Program this January learned how the perplexing consumer is evolving under such influences as a tepid economy and rapid-fire technical advances. Some revelations had pens scratching across notepads in a frenzy, including these.

The new capability will also allow consumers to send credits for Dunkin’ products to others as a gift.

The chain is leaning into the social media platform more than ever before.

For operators looking to stake a claim in grab-and-go, boxed sandwiches in a cooler might not cut it anymore.

New research reveals how consumers perceive restaurant technology, and how two operators are ahead of the pack in addressing them.

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