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Trends on the tech floor

It’s an exciting time in hospitality technology. We’re right on the cusp of some really great game-changers, offering ways to improve the guest experience that we never before imagined. Which ones seem to have more legs than others?

Lessons from the first year of ShopHouse, the "Asian Chipotle"

The fast-casual industry buzz is all about how the “Chipotle effect” has propelled this segment into super growth mode. But few have felt the effect as keenly as Chipotle’s own culinary manager Nate Appleman and director of concept development Tim Wildin.

WASHINGTON, DC (April 12, 2013)—More than 30 fresh fruit and vegetable innovations are up for United Fresh Produce Association's 2013 New Product Awards...

Regardless of the size of your business, credit card data security cannot be ignored. Any violation of your system will directly affect your business—financially, legally, and most important, your reputation among customers and within your community. But where do you begin if your technological expertise ends at sending email?

At the FARE conference in June retail and restaurant operators called a truce to share ideas.

In today’s ordering process, tablets, Bluetooth printers, apps and other advances spell efficiency.

After building for months, new realities emerged for restaurants overseas—and at their keyboards.

The delivery specialists is enabling customers to place and track orders from their wrists.

A newcomer to the New York City dining scene foregoes seats, tables, even a walk-up window. Indeed, it doesn’t exist as a restaurant at all, just as a delivery app connected to a kitchen.

Despite the hoards of startups promising to remake the restaurant business through technology, not all operators and consumers are dashing to hasten the transformation. Research from the National Restaurant Association paints a sometimes surprising picture of where we are in the adoption process.

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