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Hospitality heads toward automation

Automation won’t make its way into restaurants, because this is a hospitality-driven industry?


Efficient digital signage is smarter than the average menu board

Scott Redler has no trouble counting the reasons that Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers invested in digital menu boards. The chain’s chief operating officer says that in a growing...

A new guide from the National Restaurant Association suggests inexpensive and practical ways a small operation can protect itself.

The pizza chain and Ford are testing self-driving delivery vehicles in Miami.

Some restaurateurs ban cell phones, while others allow them. But how does the public feel?

Check out these three hot technology trends: multifunction devices, portability and wireless. We rounded up the latest and greatest hardware to show that gadgets aren’t just for geeks anymore.

A new generation of small “speed-cook” ovens is on the market, using various combinations of heat transfer including microwaves, convection blowers, hot air impingement and infrared browning elements. They’re creating an entire, new oven category.

The proactive approach. Enforcing proper food safety procedures is crucial to the well-being of your customers; however, keeping employees safe in the workplace is equally essential.

Unless you have a '50s-themed restaurant, juke boxes and sock hops don't meet the modern entertainment desires of customers that are used to loud noises,...

There’s one simple rule when buying knives for your kitchen: The right knife for the right job. It may sound logical enough, but grabbing any old knife that’s nearby to do a job can lead to lost productivity and a shorter lifespan for the knife. So here’s a shortlist of the very basic, must-have knives for every kitchen, along with some thoughts from the folks who use knives most—chefs.

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