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Anatomy of a visual home page

Instead of stagnant pages, some restaurants are adopting a scrolling home page that hits the brand’s main talking points without forcing click-throughs.


Tablet or conventional POS?

It’s the October 2015 deadline to have EMV-enabled devices—the expected date for a shift in fraud liability—that’s driving the need to update.

Apple released the details of its Apple Watch at a live-streaming presentation Monday afternoon. How does this new product affect restaurants and consumer transactions?

A look back at Panera's 2.0 model. Will it be enough to restore its reputation as an industry innovator once again?

A recent technology report from the NRA shows that independent operators’ barriers and concerns differ from that of chains, slowing implementation.

Customers would be able to speak their pickup orders into a phone and be automatically charged.

Instead of heeding what normally are yellow lights, restaurants stomped on the gas and crashed through barriers this week.

We asked some leading restaurant innovators where the industry’s increasing reliance on data will lead. These are their predictions for the decade ahead.

The upcoming year might not look quite like the space age the Jetsons lived in, but the tech-forward society is moving closer and closer to it.

Several years ago, my hometown university was named the #1 Party School by Playboy Magazine. Students reveled in the notoriety. Community members and university leaders were appalled.

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