How demographics are affecting restaurant sales

In this week’s episode of "A Deeper Dive," Technomic’s Joe Pawlak talks about restaurant sales in the coming year.


4 menu trends coming down the pike for chains

Keep an eye on these flavors and ingredients hitting the mainstream.

The originality of these limited-time items piqued consumer interest in November.

The social media channel boasts drool-worthy food photos, but how much does it impact restaurant choice?

Consumers are enticed by LTOs and interesting menu items, but that’s not the whole story.

Customers flocked to chicken and steak chains and away from sports bars, according to the latest Technomic Chain Restaurant Index.

Are menus continuing to shrink or has the trend leveled off?

These LTOs tempted customers in October.

A new Technomic report reveals how the food-health connection has changed.

Sales weakened as fall started, continuing a difficult pattern for chain restaurants, according to the latest Technomic Chain Restaurant Index.

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