This week’s 5 head-spinning moments: No exaggeration

Some of the biggest developments of recent days seemed too far-fetched to be real. Trust me, they were.


2nd QSR unit votes to unionize

The staff of the Burgerville unit opted to be represented by the Industrial Workers of the World.

A union is suing the president for keeping his connection to the industry, saying the benefits are unconstitutional.

Big names in the restaurant business are exploring new avenues for growth. Here's the updated road map.

A union goes after a small restaurant chain, Tim Hortons franchisees head to court, Starbucks battles monsters, and two of the industry's best-known chefs draw spatulas—some of the business's most intense struggles have somehow dodged notice. Until now.

The year hasn't gotten off to a good start for restaurant unions, social media liars, soda-gulping slobs and at least one celebrity-loving restaurant chain.

Year one brought plenty of breaks, but also some frustrations.

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