Slightly bitter and slightly peppery, arugula is most familiar as a salad ingredient. But today’s chefs are experimenting with the leafy green on other parts of the menu, incorporating its assertive flavor and healthy attributes into everything from cocktails to pizzas.

San Francisco, CA
Wild Arugula Cocktail with turmeric root, bitters, tequila; $10

In Riva
Philadelphia, PA
Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza with smoked scamorza, pecorino; $17

Michael Jordan's Steak House
Chicago, IL
Prime Sirloin Carpaccio with micro arugula, Wisconsin sheep’s milk cheese, pine nuts; $12    

Lulu & Me Gastrobar
New York, NY
Roasted Lemon Shrimp with radicchio & arugula; $16

Miami Beach, FL
Baby Arugula Salad with smoked pork, seckel pear, walnuts, parmigiano and truffle honey mustard vinaigrette; $16


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