Authorities dismiss terrorism fears over Cheesecake 'bomb'

cheesecake factory exterior

Authorities say a suspected bomb tossed into a branch of The Cheesecake Factory during dinnertime on Thursday was actually more of a homemade firecracker, allaying fears that terrorists are targeting restaurants.

What looked like a ball was tossed into the dining room of the Pasadena, Calif., restaurant in the evening, startling puzzled customers, according to local media reports. The device detonated, making a loud noise and emitting some smoke but not damaging the facility, the coverage noted.  Patrons fled in terror. No one was injured.

The man seen lobbing the device through the front door and then bolting has yet to be apprehended. Initial reports say he was dressed in black, and some secondhand internet accounts alleged the culprit was bearded and appeared to be either Hispanic or Middle Eastern. At least some reported he was wearing a yarmulke or beanie.

Pasadena authorities say the search for the man is continuing, but do not regard the matter as a pressing concern.


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