Bay Area restaurants see lag in health inspections

inspector graphic

A growing number of San Francisco concepts are going more than a year without health inspections, as the local health department struggles to keep up with the city’s increase in restaurants and food trucks, the San Francisco Business Times reports.

Staffing appears to be the issue, as there aren’t enough health inspectors to service local restaurants, according to the Times.

“Although restaurants are supposed to be inspected every six months, some have gone 18 months without an inspection,” Gwyneth Borden, executive director of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, told the Times. “This lapse of time means that the score is out of date, which is not of benefit to the restaurant or the consumer.”

Last year, restaurants in a different California county saw a climb in health code violations and forced closures following lessened oversight by local health officials.

Read the full story via the San Francisco Business Times. 


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