3 Bloody Mary trends to get tipsy over

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Bloody Marys are many a brunch-goer’s go-to mid-morning sip—and with restaurants’ latest iterations of them, it’s no surprise why. From spicy or infused vodkas that add another layer of flavor to high quality, artisan ingredients to extravagant garnishes, diners have more choices than ever to pick from when they’re craving this savory cocktail.

Check out some of the latest Bloody Mary trends hitting beverage menus:

Big, bold flavors

Hot, spicy and tangy flavors are popping up on drink menus all over, and Bloody Marys are no exception.

At Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, a national pizza chain, different Bloody Mary options include a Sriracha Mary made with Absolut Peppar (a pepper-flavored vodka), house Bloody Mary mix and sriracha; and the Hail Mary, made with Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, Bloody Mary mix, tabasco, lime, and a skewer or bacon, pepperoni, green olives and pickles.  

Artisan ingredients, handmade cocktails: an upscale experience

According to Technomic’s 2018 Beverage report, 54% of consumers say they would be more likely to purchase beverages that are handcrafted, and operators are taking notice. Words such as “handmade,” “hand-shaken” and “housemade” on menus indicate that diners are getting a drink that’s been made to order. Ingredients such as premium 100% tomato juice, set off with individual spices and flavors for a custom blend, are how to elevate the Bloody Mary.

At the nationwide chain Chuy’s, for instance, a special offer of $5 Handmade Tito’s Bloody Marys recently hit the menu—perfect for happy hour!

Garnishes galore

The perfect way to upsell, over-the-top Bloody Marys are popping up all over brunch and cocktail menus. Using a multi-skewer tool such as Skewdats, operators can pile their Bloodies high with toppings and garnishes from the expected pickles, olives, cubed cheese and salami to the over-the-top ones, such as sliders, soft pretzels, slices of pizza, chicken wings and more.

At Sobelman’s locations in Wisconsin, diners can choose from an array of these over-the-top Bloody Marys, including The Baconado, which includes a skewer of bacon-wrapped jalapeno cheese balls; the Crown Mary, topped with signature garnishes such as celery, olives, a pickle and shrimp, plus a Coronita and a Colby-Jack cheeseburger slider; or the Bloody Beast, a $60 behemoth topped with the restaurant’s signature garnishes—and a whole fried chicken.

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