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3 ways to achieve better brewed coffee through technology

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A cup of delicious hot coffee has always been part of the everyday American experience. As a result, serving fresh and great-tasting coffee is less of an option for today’s foodservice operations and more of a requirement. But, there’s more to consider than just caffeinated or decaf. Nowadays, operators have an array of decisions to make when choosing how to brew and serve their coffee.

One cup at a time

Some people claim the best of coffee is one that’s brewed one cup at time. And according to Technomic’s 2017 Value & Pricing report, 19% of consumers say that service and amenities at a restaurant contribute to the value. Curtis meets that demand with its single-cup brewers, which are sure to be welcomed by coffee connoisseurs, along with restaurateurs seeking to entice customers by pairing gourmet extracted coffee with fine dishes and desserts.

The CGC (Curtis Gold Cup) Single Cup Brewer (dual- or single-head brewer) features a G4 digital control module that’s icon-driven to streamline operation, provide on-screen instructions and includes a built-in self-diagnostic system. Fine-tuned technology delivers the perfect profile of every roast and compliments any operation looking to offer a high-end coffee experience.

Batch brewing for a group

Many restaurants prefer to batch brew coffee into thermal decanters, and with the right brewer and technology, coffee for a crowd can be held at the perfect serving temperature with minimal labor required from restaurant staff.

Curtis ThermoPro® with Thermal FreshTrac® (TFT) not only brews rich, flavorful SCAA Golden Cup coffee, it monitors freshness time and volume at a glance, even from across the room. Activated from the moment coffee is brewed, the TFT keeps constant track of coffee quality and alerts employees when it’s time for a new brew. Together, the ThermoPro Server and Thermal FreshTrac redefines freshness for foodservice coffee programs.

High-volumes of coffee

Better brewing system technologies can give restaurants the upper hand and boost profitability by reducing labor costs, improving customer service, maximizing efficiency, and increasing customer loyalty and retention. According to Technomic’s Value & Pricing report, 74% of consumers say that speed of service is important for creating value in a restaurant, so with faster service, restaurants can edge out competition.

Some restaurants brew high-volumes of coffee for certain dayparts and peak service times . In this scenario, the last cup needs to taste as good as the first cup. Curtis meets that need with its GemX IntelliFresh® Brewer with FreshTrac. With a sleek, stylish design, GemX comes fully loaded with cutting edge technologies proven to make gourmet coffee brewing easy for all skill levels—with just the push of a button.

FreshTrac technology takes the guesswork out of serving fresh coffee while also streamlining labor. It replaces distracting audible alarms and mechanical timers with a simple, intuitive and customizable system of three LEDs that glow and flash, letting operators track coffee freshness from a distance.

Because over- or underheating can kill coffee flavor, GemX is engineered with Curtis IntelliFresh™. A gentle heating system keeps coffee at its ideal temperature regardless of the volume in the satellite. IntelliFresh delivers digitally controlled pulses of heat and features encapsulated brains inside each satellite with four sensor points to monitor brew level and status. What’s more, when placed on remote stands GemX satellites maintain the same freshness intelligence as programmed when on the brewer.

For more information about coffee brewing systems with maximum value through product innovation and advanced technology, contact Curtis today.

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