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Cozy fall drinks to keep diners warm

Photograph courtesy of Huhtamaki

Fall means changing leaves, cooler temperatures and football-filled Sunday afternoons. It also means the arrival of dependable traditions—both in the kitchen and out. Limited-time drinks are one of the things many consumers look forward to as summer fades away. In addition to warm beverages abound, mobility can be a key component of a successful fall drink offering.

Proper packaging is essential and the appropriately named Comfort Cup® insulated hot cup from Huhtamaki is perfect for fall comfort drinks. With double-wall construction to keep drinks hot and hands comfortable, Comfort Cup® insulated hot cups and lids provide industry-leading performance for people on the move and are perfect for the seasonal drinks customers will be clamoring for.
Get some inspiration with these ideas for a fall drink menu that’s sure to be a hit:

Pumpkin spice drinks

The latte, made famous by Starbucks, is a great seasonal addition to any restaurant or coffee house menu. Espresso and steamed milk flavored with pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with whipped cream. It’s become a seasonal favorite and synonymous with Halloween and October. But pumpkin spice syrup lends well to other drinks—like pumpkin spice chai lattes, for instance. Or, consider offering pumpkin spice syrups or creamers for regular or iced coffee drinks so customers who aren’t keen on espresso can still enjoy this fall favorite.

Hot caramel apple cider

Hot apple cider is another autumn staple, and adding caramel takes the drink up a notch. Apple cider with caramel stirred in and a dollop of whipped cream on top makes for a tasty and indulgent treat. Add even more of an upgrade by offering salted caramel sauce instead of standard caramel.

Hot cocoa varieties

Hot chocolate will always be in demand as some customers don’t like coffee or can’t have too much caffeine. Not to mention, it’s perfect for kids! But don’t be afraid to explore beyond standard hot chocolate. For instance, spice it up with cinnamon and chile powder for a Mexican-style hot chocolate, or swirl in peppermint syrup for a Candy Cane twist—be sure to top this one with whipped cream. Or, use white chocolate for a rich, sweet take on this comforting cup.

These seasonal drinks are perfect enjoyed with a friend and great conversation, but they’re just as good on the go with the right cup. Customers grabbing a warm drink on their way to work or school on a chilly fall day should be able to keep their beverage warm while holding it comfortably—and now they can.

Huhamaki’s Comfort Cup® insulated hot cup is an ideal choice for pairing with any of these seasonal drinks—or any hot drink in general. Double-layered walls make for a strong cup, while industry-leading insulation keeps hot beverages warmer longer and the outside cool to the touch. Additionally, they can be customized to include cafe or restaurant branding, which is great for marketing as well as building brand loyalty.

Serving up hot fall favorites is a must in restaurants and coffee shops alike, but no one wants to have cups that are too hot to hold or lids that aren’t secure. For cups that are comfortable to hold and help resist spilling, Comfort Cup® insulated hot cups and lids from Huhtamaki are the way to go. Learn more at https://www2.us.huhtamaki.com/home.

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