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How to prepare when life gives you a lemon shortage


Can we all agree that this is one of the hottest years most of us have ever experienced? For California in particular, the exceptionally warm spring and summer has greatly affected lemon production. California is the largest supplier of lemons in the U.S., but the weather has greatly affected supply and quality. In short, there is a lemon shortage, and it is projected to continue for the next several months.

With less availability, lemon prices have jumped to a 44% premium. What that means for restaurant operators is that the lemon wedge that cost about four cents in June now costs seven cents, just one month later. Not great news for the continued increase of lemon lovers out there, or for restaurants’ ability to provide lemons to guests at a reasonable cost. But, before you put the squeeze on your lemon supplier, there is a better solution.

True Lemon® is real crystallized lemon with simple, clean ingredients. Each packet equals the juice of one lemon wedge. Plus, the average cost of a packet is more in-line with what lemon costs were in June. That’s a great deal in this fluctuating market.

National chain restaurants are turning to True Lemon® for their front of house beverage service for good reason: It’s a highly accepted alternative; consumers say they like the natural taste and feel it is more convenient and sanitary than lemon wedges; and surveys showit has a positive impact on consumer perceptions of establishments that offer it, so there is no risk in providing it.

True Lemon® is true to the fruit because it captures the authentic fresh-squeezed taste of lemons through an innovative and patented process of cold pressing and crystallizing the lemons’ juices and oils, thereby locking in their taste at the peak of flavor. This provides a solution that’s delicious and free from unpredictable weather patterns.

Consumers tasted True Lemon® versus fresh lemons and packaged lemon juice in a blind taste test. Results show that True Lemon® is preferred by seven out of 10 people over fresh lemons and eight out of 10 people over lemon juice packets.

Its long two-year shelf life gives product assurance and quality that can be relied on. With no calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, it is a non-GMO, natural choice. Packets can be conveniently delivered to the customer either by request, in condiment stations or placed in a tabletop caddy with sugars and sweeteners.

Making the switch to True Lemon® is a smart move for many reasons, but the best one is that you will never experience a lemon shortage again.

Read more about the lemon shortage and request a sample of True Lemon®here

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