Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


The art of crafts

Beer lists go hyperlocal as restaurants partner with craft brewers in their own backyards.


Diversify beverage offerings for a healthier bottom line

The moves that consumers have been making toward health in the last few years can no longer be considered just a trend—they’re now the norm, and retailers and foodservice operators have had to answer the call for healthier options in order to compete for share of stomach.

Wine, beer and cocktails may be coming to a fast casual near you, as these operators see profits in alcohol.

Pairing ethnic beverages with global menus appeals to customers' more adventurous palates. Check out the latest beverage trends.

Two operators are mixing up cocktails targeted to the health-conscious drinker. Check out these healthy restaurant menu ideas.

Two operators discover that private-label wines can differentiate the list and boost sales.

Non-alcoholic drinks can benefit from happy hour promotions, too.

Upsell the standard cup of joe by cross-utilizing coffee in desserts.

With the rising popularity of cider, enthusiasts are devoting entire concepts to the versatile brew.

High-craft riffs are creating new revenue and profit opportunities.