Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


Coffee gets a facelift

Savvy operators have moved beyond simply offering a cup of joe and have turned their coffee bars into neighborhood meeting places.


Coffee wars: Iced vs. cold brew

All coffee served over ice is the same, right? Not when it comes comparing traditional iced coffee to cold brew coffee.

Restaurant operators are in the business of serving food, not coffee, but that doesn’t mean brewing coffee should be overlooked or neglected.

Most everyone knows about the check-boosting, customer-pleasing benefits of food and wine (or beer) pairings. But pairing food with coffee is relatively unchartered territory.

Whether you’re offering all-day coffee service as part of a catering package or you’re serving fresh-brewed coffee to hundreds of guests off-premise, you want each cup to be a memorable one.

The meal-ending cup of coffee might be the last chance you have to impress diners. Make it a memorable one by brewing coffee in large batches in the best way.

Here are a few areas of focus for operators who want to offer carefully crafted teas.

Incorporating fresh produce in a wide variety of ways elevates cocktails and can transform restaurant drink menus.

For many people, coffee provides a mandatory, day-starting jolt. But there’s no reason your coffee sales should nosedive after the morning rush.

Bloody Marys have been heating up beverage menus in recent years. And, given current dining trends, it’s easy to see why.

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