Burger King’s ‘Burgers For Breakfast’ Flopped With Consumers

Determined not to become the odd man out in the fast food breakfast war between Taco Bell and McDonald’s, Burger King rolled out “burgers for breakfast” in early May.

But the program, where the burger giant would offer lunch and dinner items in the morning at 5,000 outlets, initially dragged consumer opinion down, according to YouGov BrandIndex.

Burger King’s consumer perception dropped 35% on YouGov’s buzz scale, which measures brand perception through consumer interviews online.

“What our data shows is right around the time they launched, ad awareness went up for the brand and buzz went down,” said YouGov BrandIndex CEO Ted Marzilli. “The implication there is that what consumers were hearing from the advertising campaign wasn’t seen as positive.”

YouGov’s survey respondents could have seen the ads or heard about them through social media or word of mouth, and negative news stories can also drag down YouGov’s buzz score, according to Mr. Marzilli. (Gawker’s “Burgers for Breakfast, Because Nothing Really Matters” probably didn’t help.)

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