Cameron promises to scrap income tax on minimum wage

David Cameron today put two major tax cuts at the heart of his bid for re-election, as he sought to see off the dual threats posed by Labour and UKIP with a patriotic plea for a Conservative majority government.

In a straight-talking pitch to low and middle-earners, the Prime Minister used his last conference speech before the election to promise: 'I want you to take home more of your own money.'

No-one earning the minimum wage - equivalent to £12,500-a-year - would pay any income tax at all, he said, giving a tax cut to 30million people.

To huge cheers in the auditorium, he then announced the point at which the 40p tax rate is levied would rise from around £42,000 to £50,000 - a huge boost for middle class families.

Unveiling a bold slate of policies for the Tory manifesto, Mr Cameron also vowed to scrap the Human Rights Act, abolish youth unemployment, help more people buy they own home and put immigration at the centre of his battle to claw powers back from Brussels.

And he moved his wife Samantha to tears with a passionate defence of the NHS, which cared for their late son Ivan, attacking Labour for peddling 'lies' about Tory plans for the health service.

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