City agency advises tips up to 25%

New York City, always an expensive town, may have just gotten more costly. The Department of Consumer Affairs recently published a guide to tipping in the Big Apple, and for restaurant waitstaff, it asks consumers to pony up between 15% and 25%.

If the restaurant has a wine sommelier, they should get 8%-10% of the cost of the wine. And consumers might want to tip the captain up to 10%, according to the guidelines.

"Servers at table or counter-service restaurants rely on their tips for a major portion of their income, so if the service has been satisfactory you should tip accordingly," the city advises consumers.

The agency adds that tips for quick-service help aren't necessary. However, if there's a tip jar on the counter and service has been good, "you may wish to give him/her a dollar or two at the end of each week," the agency says.

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