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Clean Plate Awards

Industry pros share their favorite restaurant dishes of the year
Clean Plate Awards

Joe Pawlak

Nacho Fries BellGrande Taco Bell, Chicago locations Taco Bell subbed fries for chips for a winner of an LTO. Smart, because the chain just brought the same ingredients through the suppl...

Clean Plate Awards

Chad Schafer

Prosciutto e Rucola Spacca Napoli, Chicago  The prosciutto and arugula pizza at Spacca Napoli is a flavor all its own. The chewy crust with charred bubbles balance perfectly with t...

Grapefruit and Feta Tartine Call, Denver A perfect example of how a small, nondescript restaurant that is doing something truly special can break through the clutter and shine. I v...

Members of the Restaurant Business team also shared the best dishes they had from restaurants this year. Here’s a sampling of what they said. Check out the full list of staff picks here.  Patr...

Restaurant Business team members name their favorite dishes of the year.

Industry experts name their favorite meals of the year.

We've gathered an esteemed panel of industry insiders to name the restaurant dishes they enjoyed most over the last year-the ones that literally made them clean their plates.

Winning dishes have showcased myriad notable trends, many of which continue to influence the industry today.

Read on to see which award-winning dishes made this year’s distinguished panel literally clean their plates in 2016.

The panel of restaurant industry pros that judged this year’s Clean Plate Awards eat for a living.

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