Clean Plate Awards

Industry pros share their favorite restaurant dishes of the year
Clean Plate Awards

Nina Compton

Lamb Neck Roti Turkey and the Wolf, New Orleans The Lamb Neck Roti at Turkey and the Wolf is one of the most memorable dishes I had this year. The tender lamb is cooked in chiles and ca...

Clean Plate Awards

Anthony Pigliacampo

Sorrel Pesto Rice breakfast bowl Sqirl, Los Angeles This is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. The flavors are intense—crispy rice on the bottom layer is topped with sorrel pesto...

Tom Kha Gai Le Thai, Las Vegas This soup requires no spoon, only a bib. Every time I go I swear that I will finally finish a full round of coconut kaffir gin cocktails I’ve had in my n...

Vuelve a la Vida and Reina Pepiada Arepas  Obra Kitchen Table, Miami Venezuelan-born chef Carlos Garcia goes deep into the street food sensibility with his take on this timeless, r...

Restaurant Business team members name their favorite dishes of the year.

Industry experts name their favorite meals of the year.

We've gathered an esteemed panel of industry insiders to name the restaurant dishes they enjoyed most over the last year-the ones that literally made them clean their plates.

Read on to see which award-winning dishes made this year’s distinguished panel literally clean their plates in 2016.

The panel of restaurant industry pros that judged this year’s Clean Plate Awards eat for a living.

Read on to see what dishes made the cut for “best of the best” in 2015.

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