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Arby’s gives faux-meat fans a ribbing

The meat-centric chain has lifted the napkin off its first “megetable,” the carrot-like (but turkey-based) Marrot.
Photograph courtesy of Inspire Brands

Arby’s has responded to the hoopla over faux-meat products with a tongue-in-cheek plan to add a line of “megetables,” or meat-based items doctored to look like vegetables. 

First up is the Marrot, something a carnivorous rabbit might relish. In a video clearly intended for posting in social media, a turkey breast is sliced into long wedge shapes, cooked sous vide and then coated with a “carrot marinade”  to make it look like a carrot, complete with a green top (it’s actually a parsley sprig).  

"If others can make meat out of vegetables, why can’t we make vegetables out of meat?” chain parent Inspire Brands joshes on its blog, Inspire Stories.

The description notes the Marrot is a good source of vitamin A, the nutrient that gives carrots their reputation for enhancing eyesight. 

Arby’s acknowledges that the Marrot will not be offered to customers, but says it intends to continue developing vegetable analogues as part of its commitment to offering a variety of meats. The chain’s longstanding marketing tag line is “Arby’s. We have the meats.”

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