Consumer Trends

International Foodservice Recovery

According to The NPD Group, world foodservice markets have steadily and slowly gained traction without help from the global economy. Here’s a snapshot of those countries that were doing the best at the end of 2011.

  • China leads the world with 15% gain in foodservice visits and a 22% increase in spending over the same quarter of last year
  • Canada posted the fastest growth rate among developed markets with a 3% increase in visits and 4% in consumer spending. Canadians visit restaurants 6.6 billion times a year and spend $47.6 billion
  • Germany, the most robust economy around the globe, grew slightly less than Canada due to a boost in diner check averages
  • Chains continue to grow steadily outside of Spain and Italy, reaching a wider span of consumers than the previous year
  • The recovery continues to be led by the QSR segment, particularly quickservice burger chains

NPD Crest is currently piloting other foodservice tracking programs in Mexico, Brazil, Russia and India, and will release these findings in a report expected to be published in late fall 2012.


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