Consumer Trends

Satisfying a digital hunger

In its just-released 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast, the National Restaurant Association reports that there is an increasing consumer interest in high tech interaction in restaurants. The NRA's statistics show that consumers up to the age of 55 support new restaurant technologies. But the majority of the restaurant industry does not seem to be keeping pace.

  • 59% of consumers (up from 28% in 2005) agree that they utilize online viewing for general restaurant information such as hours, location and menus
  • A large and growing population of smartphone users is calling for smartphone table service integration at restaurants with capabilities ranging from making reservations to placing their take-out orders
  • Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are also in high demand, with nearly one third of consumers saying they’d likely sign up to receive restaurant specials and other promotions through these platforms
  • Electronic payment is another form of technology that is in demand. This includes in-store self-service checkout and tableside devices
  • Nine out of 10 restaurant operators said that their restaurant will likely be using Facebook in the next year or two, with Twitter and smartphone applications expected to implanted as well


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