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Top 5 Cooking Techniques of 2011

The National Restaurant Association’s annual “What’s Hot” survey of American Culinary Federation member chefs is one of the industry's leading culinary forecasts. More than 1,500 professional chefs shared their opinions on whether 226 culinary items will be a "hot trend," "yesterday's news" or a "perennial favorite" on restaurant menus in 2011.

These five cooking techniques topped the “Preparation Methods” category:                          

1. Sous vide
Hot Trend: 55%
Yesterday's News: 32%
Perennial Favorite: 12% 

2. Braising
Hot Trend: 53%
Yesterday's News: 10%
Perennial Favorite: 38% 

3. Liquid nitrogen chilling/freezing
Hot Trend: 49%
Yesterday's News: 46%
Perennial Favorite: 6%   

4. Pickling
Hot Trend: 47%
Yesterday's News: 25%
Perennial Favorite: 28%                 

5. Smoking 
Hot Trend: 46%
Yesterday's News: 12%
Perennial Favorite: 42%           

The numbers indicate the percentage of chefs who chose each technique as a Hot Trend, Yesterday’s News and a Perennial Favorite.


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