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Consumer Trends

Making Happy Hours Happier

Happy Hours have become a fourth daypart in many establishments, boosting food and beverage sales during the slower late afternoon-early evening time slot. With competition for Happy Hour customers heating up, Technomic's American Express MarketBriefing looks at the the factors that bring in traffic and keep guests happy.

Consumer Trends

Desserts play it safe—most of the time

When it comes to finishing off a meal with something sweet, most restaurants offer a menu of familiar favorites. But within those favorites, pastry chefs and dessert pros allow themselves to get a bit adventurous.

Catering continues to be big business for restaurants; as a group, they capture almost five times the revenue of retailers for off-site events—$19.3 billion annually versus $4.0 billion, reports Technomic’s recent Parties Off Premise study.

Among the items listed within CNN’s American Food: The 50 Greatest Dishes, the American comfort food landscape is spelled out in popular food items, ranging from a full Thanksgiving dinner to a side of tater tots; from Delmonico’s Steak to California Roll; from Chicago-Style Pizza to Barbecue Ribs; and everything in between. It is obvious reading through this list that although health is on the mind of consumers everywhere, comfort is still king.

"The Disruptors" is our examination of 10 factors that are rocking restaurants to their core and revolutionizing how operators do business for a decade, a generation or a lifetime.

A list of the 10 U.S. restaurants with the highest reviews on OpenTable underscores the differences in how critics and the public perceive restaurants.

The public has fallen head over heels for the new on-demand delivery options, a new Technomic study finds.

Just starting to get their own spending power, Gen Z is now in operators’ sights. Because of their limited budgets, this generation frequents QSRs the most.

This year’s Future 50 emerging restaurant concepts share many commonalities, a number of which will be discussed at the upcoming Restaurant Trends & Directions conference in Chicago.

These rollouts have some larger industry implications.

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