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Consumer Trends

100 best US restaurants, as rated by diners: The surprises

OpenTable’s recent ranking of the 100 best eateries reveals that the country’s top dining experiences aren’t confined to markets restaurant-goers might expect.

Consumer Trends

3 emerging trends to watch in August

How far afield will operators go in their quest for updates of familiar favorites? This month, we’re clocking the distance on two fronts, including what some adventurers are doing with french fries.

See which 10 chains are winning with seafood that consumers say they can’t get anywhere else.

Four ways consumers are driving the veggie trend on restaurant menus.

See which 10 chains are winning with chicken that consumers say they can't get anywhere else.

The Food Channel, in association with Mintel International, CultureWaves and the International Food Futurists, has released their top ten snack trends for the year.

Shoppers are continuing to buy products that are sustainable and eco-conscious, but few are familiar with the meanings of the terms on the packaging. Though words like “recycled” or “eco-friendly” are common to consumers, newer terms like “fair trade” or “wind powered” are more difficult for them to define.

When large restaurant companies implement sustainability policies, customers seem to react in a contrary way—and their evaluation of those companies may actually diminish. In a new study from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, researchers Michael Giebelhausen and Helen Chun conducted two experiments to examine this contrary behavior.

A survey of U.S. chefs conducted by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) indicates healthier kids fare and local sourcing of food will be the hottest trends on U.S. restaurant menus in 2012, UPI reports.

Which restaurant chains are valued most by Millennials for the brands’ social-responsibility efforts? Here’s a hint: Don’t waste a guess on Chipotle or Starbucks.

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