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Consumer Trends

Consumer trends, insights and preferences

Consumer Trends

2011 Flavor Forecast

Americans are showing new flavor confidence through their demand for complex and intense taste experiences. According to McCormick’s 2011 Flavor Forecast, spice consumption is at an all time high; the average home pantry now contains about 40 different seasonings.

Consumer Trends

Out of the fryer

Recent foodservice market research by the NPD Group/CREST reveals that total seafood and fried seafood servings have been declining for several years, but servings of non-fried seafood have increased over the last two years. The recession is blamed for the overall decline in seafood consumption, as Americans traded down to less expensive choices.

Where do potential customers go to get information about local dining choices? The Internet is the #1 source, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center. The survey revealed that newspapers and word-of-mouth are also popular sources.

Sunday, May 12, promises to be a high-grossing day for restaurants, as families across the country take mom out to eat for Mother’s Day. According to Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer of OpenTable.com, “Mother’s Day has always been one of the biggest dining holidays of the year—and with good reason. Being a mother is one of the most important jobs in the world.”

Asian, Latin and Mediterranean have dominated the "ethnic" category on menus for at least a decade. Now, Datassential's data analysis of U.S. Chains and Independents in 2012 revealed that niche ingredients and flavors within these big three are emerging.

Consumers are showing more interest in doing what’s right for the environment—as long as it doesn’t cost them more.

For this in-demand set, one size does not fit all.

In addition to measuring chains’ operational attributes, Technomic also rated their connection to consumers through a series of questions designed to gauge loyalty and perception of a brand.

As restaurateurs experiment with no-tipping policies, consumers we surveyed say they are willing to go with the flow—as long as it means a fair shake for servers.

We’re crunching a few digits that might impact the industry this fall.

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