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Consumer Trends

Consumer trends, insights and preferences

Consumer Trends

Global cuisine inspires

Global cuisines and flavors will continue to play an integral role in consumers’ restaurant choices. Industry studies reveal that customers are increasingly driven to try unique flavors. In its Flavor Consumer Trend Report, Technomic finds that 52% of respondents express a preference for restaurants that offer unique or original flavors, up from 42% of those polled in 2009.

Consumer Trends

Burger fans tell all

May is National Burger Month and many restaurants are celebrating with promotions of the all-American favorite. In addition to grilling up specials, Hard Rock Cafe conducted a survey of their fans around the globe to get a handle on international burger-eating habits.

Restaurants that landed a top spot on the list of favorite chains consistently deliver on all aspects of the dining experience that matter to consumers.

Winning means looking at what drives Hispanic consumers’ buying decisions. According to research by Univision, at QSRs, here's what Hispanic diners are looking for.

These brands not only understand consumers, but are able to turn that knowledge into actionable insights, shifting operations to meet customers where they are.

Here are three shake-ups to look out for this month.

Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program asks consumers to rate their most recent trip to a restaurant and provide an overall rating of their visit.

Here's how consumers rate various health-related buzzwords.

Discover what's driving diners’ behavior in 2018.

After chasing millennials for the last several years, many operators are turning focus back to baby boomers.

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