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Consumer Trends

Consumer trends, insights and preferences

Consumer Trends

5 consumer trends for 2015

Editor Kelly Killian shares her predictions on what restaurateurs can expect from customers next year.

Consumer Trends

Consumers discuss their favorite restaurants

Technomic asked consumers what restaurant their favorite is and why, and which they visit most often. Here's what they said.

Which foodservice segments are snagging the attention of Gen Z, the younger siblings of the much-ballyhooed millennials? Their spending power is rising, so how do you capture their attention? Read on to find out.

The QSR Plus subsegment continues to be a sweet spot, with chains such as In-N-Out Burger and Culver’s scoring well for made-to-order fare served at a value price.

Here’s how restaurants can promote value without focusing on price alone.

Operators are bringing their trailers indoors.

New research reveals how consumers perceive restaurant technology, and how two operators are ahead of the pack in addressing them.

Almost every food media and critic issues a list of top restaurants. A new ranking uses the standouts among those lists as the basis for what it says is the authoritative rundown of the industry's best places. Here's our analysis of how they earned that distinction.

Members of Gen-Y or the millennial Generation—18-to 29-year-olds—were hit harder with pay cuts and unemployment during the recession, but their spending habits have not significantly changed. In addition, the diversity of this multicultural generation is increasing. According to Packaged Facts’ recent Gen-Y research, it is expected that these freer-spending millennials will be critical to American economic recovery.

Moms reported that the biggest difficulty in getting their children to eat more fruits and vegetables was the lack of having a wide variety of options in restaurants. Although they noted that in 2010 it was significantly easier for them to find fresh produce when dining out, especially at fast food establishments, it still accounts for only a fraction of the menu items at QSRs, and there is still huge room for improvement.

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