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Industries all across the country are experiencing the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Discover how it could affect the U.S. foodservice, grocery and convenience industries.

Walmart to Require Vaccines for HQ Staff, Masks for Associates Per CDC Guidance

"We know vaccinations are our solution to drive change," the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer—the country's largest private employer—stated in a memo to staff.


BJ's Restaurants feels the pinch of lost draft sales

The casual chain reserved $1.8 million from its second-quarter earnings to cover the cost of throwing away unsold suds.

Qualifying restaurants will be granted a $5,000 tax credit, payable ahead of their tax filing, for every net new position they add.

Restaurants and other small businesses would be reimbursed for paying workers who need time off to have their families vaccinated.

Center recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings

The streamlined web portal, which goes live on Aug. 4, is limited to borrowers of $150,000 or less.

Its recommendation applies to the vaccinated as well as those who've opted not to be inoculated.

Mayor de Blasio says proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test should be “seriously considered” as a requirement for dining onsite. In the meantime, he’s urging restaurants to adopt a mandate voluntarily.

RB editors give their views on the latest surge of coronavirus infections and its potential to limit the restaurant industry’s recovery.

With COVID infections rising again because of the Delta variant, some areas are already asking eateries to voluntarily require face coverings.

With COVID infections rising again because of the Delta variant, some areas are already asking restaurants to voluntary require face coverings. Health officials say a return to mandates is likely.

The federal government distributed $15 billion in aid last month under a new family aid program. The question is, how much might flow to restaurants.

The move marks one of the first instances of safety measures being re-imposed because of the fast-spreading Delta variant of coronavirus.

NCR predicts what will affect the industry in the months ahead

Operators say the potential lifeline was jerked away in an information vacuum that left them angry and frustrated.

Survey respondents say they expect disruption to continue

Volume dropped 31%, spending 29%

Offered in foodservice and professional varieties, they kill COVID-19 virus in 30 seconds

A survey of procurement specialists also points to renewed respect for purchasing and distribution functions.

Nearly a quarter say they're doing well financially, and 90% believe they'll be there in a year, according to a new report from Quadrant Strategies.

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