Dairy Queen hopes cold coffee will heat up sales

dairy queen restaurant exterior

Going after the business of busy millennial moms, Dairy Queen has introduced a new lineup of cold coffee beverages, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

The products—which include frappes and iced coffees—represent the chain’s biggest beverage spend in the chain’s history, Barry Westrum, Dairy Queen’s EVP of Marketing, told the Star-Tribune. He noted that the drinks target customers “who are unbelievably time-crunched, but still looking for a pick-me-up.”

The chain is also introducing an afternoon happy hour deal, during which it will sell small iced coffees for $1 and small frappes for $2.

Though the Star-Tribune says this is DQ’s first foray into coffee, it’s merely its most significant, as the chain has for several years served its MooLatte line of blended coffee drinks. 

Other brands have recently doubled down on cold coffee, including Chick-fil-A, which earlier this month added Frosted Coffee to its permanent menu after promoting the drink as an LTO.

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