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DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS SM National Accounts entertainment packages are designed to support the unique demands of multi-location businesses. If you’re a Fortune 500 company, multi-unit operator, large footprint business or have more than 25 locations, then the DIRECTV National Accounts Program is perfect for you.

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Enjoy one-on-one service, exclusive sports coverage and the simplicity of having one provider for all your locations.


Solutions for Restaurants

Restaurant owners and managers are constantly looking for any edge they can find to help their business thrive. DIRECTV can help give restaurants more appeal by delivering the right mix of programming and giving patrons a reason to stay longer.

Solution for Bars

Bars can bring in consistent crowds by solving a few common issues. DIRECTV can help pack the house by delivering programming that turns new customers into regulars, gives bars a leg up on rival establishments and encourages patrons to stay until the end of games.

Solutions for Financial Services

Financial service companies can create a more inviting environment by making a simple change. DIRECTV can enhance their perception as a cutting-edge business while elevating the on-site experience for both clients and employees.

Solutions for Breakrooms

Boost your employee morale by adding DIRECTV for BUSINESS in your breakroom for a more social and enjoyable environment.

Solutions for the Fitness Industry

Health clubs can power up their businesses by enhancing a few key factors. DIRECTV can help build momentum by making workouts more entertaining, getting an exerciser’s mind off their fatigue and giving a club a leg up on the competition.