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Do You Know AIDA?

Jay Siff, Founder and CEO of Moving Targets, is committed to helping you make more money. With his 18+ years in retailing and 18+ years in direct marketing, Jay has excelled in growing one of the largest and most successful direct-to-the-customer retail marketing companies in the United States.

Direct marketing delivers immediate, trackable, and measurable results that businesses demand—especially in today’s economy. There’s no expensive “waste circulation.”  Promotions go only to prospects most likely to respond.

Want better results from your promotions? Instead of costly trial-and-error experiments, you can easily boost your ad response by using proven tips and tricks of today's most successful direct marketers. Put these ideas to work for you today!

Do You Know AIDA?

Do you know the classic step-by-step rule of thumb for advertising success? It's A.I.D.A. First, you need to get Attention... then you must stimulate Interest... build Desire... and finally, you must ask for Action. Skip any of these steps at your own peril. That's because the primary purpose of advertising is not entertainment. Its #1 job is to sell. Many ads do some of these things, but not all. And each of the 4 steps is vitally important!

9 Ways to Make Your Offer Appear More Valuable

  1. Shout "SALE!"
  2. Provide a Coupon
  3. Diminish the Price ("less than a cup of coffee a day!")
  4. Explain Why the Price is Low ("Our boss ordered too many!")
  5. Boost the Value (Tell what your product is worth, not just what it costs.)
  6. Amortize It ("Just $1.25 a day!")
  7. Tell Them How Much More Others Paid
  8. Suggest Scarcity with Deadlines (If they think they can always get it, there's no urgency to act now.)
  9. Use Psychological Pricing (Prices ending in 79 and 88 are perceived to be lower than those ending in 49 and 50.)

Use Professional Designers

Newspapers creating your ads? STOP! They’re doomed to look like everyone else’s and go unnoticed. Call a few ad agencies… ask them to recommend a freelance designer. Get samples and hire the best you can afford. Powerful graphic design attracts more customers and can make your competition look amateurish, less qualified, and less appealing.

Choose Your Fonts Carefully

It might be fun to load your advertising with lots of different typefaces, but too many fonts make reading difficult and distract attention from your message. In most cases, a maximum of 3 fonts is plenty.

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