Employee sues U.S. Foodservice for not servicing delivery truck

TEXAS (March 24, 2010)—While making a delivery, the U.S. Foodservice truck Perry McCall was driving suddenly began to shake and pull to the right, causing him to strike a parked vehicle and tumble into a tree.

Claiming he was injured in the incident, McCall filed suit against his employer March 3 in Orange County District Court.

Court papers show that on May 19, 2008, McCall was driving a USF tractor trailer in the eastbound lane of Interstate 10 near SH 90 in Orange when the vehicle "began to shake and then pulled to the right colliding with a parked vehicle."

It then rolled over and struck a tree," the suit says. "For several weeks prior to this accident, McCall had been telling USF that its vehicle was in need of repair."

McCall claims USF negligently failed to maintain its vehicle and is suing the company for past and future medical expenses, mental anguish and lost wages.


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