F.A.B., Inc. Welcomes New Board Members


ALPHARETTA, GA (July 2, 2012) -- F.A.B., Inc. (Frosty Acres Brands) announces this year’s board of directors. Elected by F.A.B. members at the stockholders’ meeting in June, the F.A.B. board of directors serves as the governing body of the cooperative and guides initiatives in support the growth of F.A.B. member distributors.

The following individuals were elected as F.A.B., Inc. officers:

Chairman of the Board: Barry Pearson, President, HPC Foodservice

Secretary: Andrew B. Mercier, President and CEO, Merchants Foodservice

Treasurer: Mark Harman, President, Stanz Foodservice

Two new directors elected for three year terms are:

Bob Mackie, General Manager, Institutional Wholesale Company

Barry Pearson, President, HPC Foodservice

Two Directors were re-elected for three year terms:

Steve Milliken, President, The C.D. Hartnett Company

Tammie Coffee, Vice President & CFO, Affiliated Foods

“F.A.B., Inc. works diligently to provide the best avenues for growth and success for its distributor members,” Pearson notes. “With strong programs and valuable resources, F.A.B. becomes an extension of the distributor’s team. It is a pleasure to be a member of this group, and I look forward to serving as chairman this year.”


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