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February 2012 Ideas Index

Chicken Fried Steak Day
Pasta Plate from Hell
Guest chef
Cooking classes
Weight loss competition
Local-music CD
Happy hour app
Gluten-free certification
Dollar stroll
Mochi Madness
Crowd-sourced packaging
Penny-per-calorie menu

Heirloom seeds
Wind-powered distributor
Portable farm
Gin byproduct recycling
Barrel aging kits

Specials stamp
Honey station
Interactive Allergy Menu
Wood-fired-pizza wagon
Transparent menus
Cocktail extra
Tabletop taps
Vintage lunch box service
The right beer glass
Recycled placemats
Rethinking bento boxes
Two-tiered lobster plate
Fried chicken delivery

Donating old furniture
Donate a dollar, get a dollar

Prosecco jelly
Wines by the two-glass
Amuse bouche cocktails
Burger, beer, bourbon
Age-deterring food
Pesto breadsticks
The call-ahead drive thru

Staff library
Theft prevention
Video interviews
The staff chaplain
Online interview scheduling

Car charging station
For rent test kitchen

Menuing: Developing gluten-free menu items? Reach out to the Gluten Intolerance Group for help in recipe development and promotions.
Promotions: Wean customers off coupons by enticing them with new menu item
Menuing: The breakfast daypart continues to grow, but customers still say they want more healthy options. Give it to them
But make sure to reassure customers the healthy items taste as good as other items
Beverage: And don’t forget morning drinks.
Grow loyalty with top quality coffee

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