How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


New England as backyard

One might think that local ingredients are hard to come by during a Massachusetts winter.


Rooting for beer

Beer and wine service may be coming to a quickservice restaurant near you. Reportedly, White Castle, Starbucks, Sonic and Burger King’s Whopper Bar are all conducting limited tests.

Thanks to a growing number of dedicated beverage producers, you can drink like an Egyptian, quaff like an ancient Roman or sip hot cocoa like an Aztec warrior. Some may call these marketing gimmicks, but both consumers and producers are enthralled by bibulous legends.

For her nine Grand Central Bakeries, in Portland and Seattle, Piper Davis buys sustainable grains and natural meats.

As part of its "Marry Bacon" campaign to promote a new bacon cheeseburger, West Coast fast food chain Jack in the Box also introduced a new milkshake flavor: Bacon.

Wholesale food costs will ease significantly for restaurants this year, but operators will still feel a pinch on margins because of customers’ resistance to pass-along increases in menu prices, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Rising temperatures in the years ahead could have a direct impact on a wide range of food items.

Long a staple of Southern kitchens, fritters have been around in both savory and sweet versions.

The cuisine at Fifth Floor draws from Mediterranean and global influences, but seasonality is the number one priority.

Casual-dining pioneer T.G.I. Friday’s has invested in elevating its menu ingredients.