How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Patty action

When it comes to grabbing share of stomach and dining-out dollars, burgers are leading the charge.


A new web resource for operators

Virtually every distributor today tries to train its sales reps to serve as consultants to their customers, not just order takers.

Optimism is in the air as we look ahead to 2010, but product and menu developers are proceeding with caution.

Customers who ordered sausage for breakfast could expect standard pork links or patties spiced with a blend of sage, herbs, salt and pepper.

Gallons of excitement are simmering in the soup pot these days. Although a cup or bowl of soup has long been a standard menu starter, restaurants are now offering more inspired choices and many rotating selections

Count on chicken and turkey to pack a lot of punch for your purchasing dollars.

Red, white or rose—any wine can be “green."

Just as you update your food menu with the seasons, you should freshen your wine list. Lighter summer fare demands lighter wines; warmer weather calls for more refreshing quaffs.

There's a reason the old adage starts with "if you can’t stand the heat…."

Among the dark clouds of recession, restaurants have so far found at least one silver lining: the cost of basic foodstuffs.

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