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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


For restaurants, price remains a concern

Despite higher costs, chains say the industry must be cautious about raising prices.


IPic Entertainment closes its IPO

The movie theater-restaurant chain raised less than it originally planned.

A drop in the concept's comps and traffic is prompting the move.

The Italian chain is apparently looking for a buyer.

Over 80% of the limited-service segment’s sales comes from QSRs. Fast casual remains the strongest grower, with sales up 8% and units up 8.7%.

To feed Americans’ never-ending appetite for beef, the cattle industry is making new and underutilized cuts more available to restaurateurs.

A selection of fruit smoothies can add on-trend beverage choices to a menu and boost average checks.

A look at the fundamentals of marketing and how they can impact the development of new menu items. Plus: the lifecycle of a new menu item and how to manage it.

Every summer the big quickservice chains expand their frozen drink offerings with cool LTOs and this season is no exception.

One might think that local ingredients are hard to come by during a Massachusetts winter.

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