How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Restaurants may face profit squeeze from upstream supply issues

Labor and material supply issues are putting pressures on vendors that will likely channel down to operators.


This week’s head-spinning moments: 5 Hail Marys

Applebee's is ready with financial rescues for franchisees, Buffalo Wild Wings is testing off-premise-only stores, Bravo Brio has a new concept it's weighing, Dunkin' is shrinking the menu as a cure-all, and Potbelly was given a bitter pill to swallow by the city of Chicago.

There are two main species of coffee: robusta and arabica.

With sales of traditional soda pop flat, the beverage giants are bringing more alternative soft drinks to market.

Before she heads off to work, managing her father’s restaurant in Elkin, North Carolina, Shannon Sparks logs onto the Internet and checks bids from the...

The two keys to restaurant growth in this sluggish economy? Innovation and relevance.

Long a staple of Southern kitchens, fritters have been around in both savory and sweet versions.

Finding a trusted seafood supplier takes time, research and money, but certification programs hope to make the process a little simpler for the sustainably conscious buyer.

Whether creating that atmosphere is worth the splurge on a music service or not depends on the restaurant and resources.

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, it pays off to have a blockbuster A/V system. See how a high-tech remodel has helped Hooters become a destination for sports lovers.

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