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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


PE dealmakers to discuss what opens their checkbooks

Hands-on dealmakers will discuss current restaurant-company valuations and the next wave of private-equity acquisitions during a keynote presentation at the 2012 Restaurant Leadership Conference.


Spring's in full swing

With flowers blooming and vegetables sprouting in colder climes as early as March this year, chefs in the Midwest and Northeast were able to get a head start on spring menus.

Certain agricultural products are staples in your restaurant kitchen. Commodities like meat, nuts, dairy foods, potatoes and other types of produce show up regularly on your order list. Here’s a brief overview of how these ingredients are trending, gleaned from information provided by the commodity boards that serve the growers, ranchers and farmers of these products.

How do you fit hefty menu analyses that can stretch over hundreds of SKUs into the budget?

Restaurant Business Magazine asked Technomic's Executive Vice President Darren Tristano to comment on what trends The Future 50 chains reveal.

Which choice is the right one for an operation? It depends on whom you ask.

With the growing number of options available—and the pressure to add delivery mounting—preparation for a delivery partnership is key. That means asking questions.

Cost savings is part of the equation.

Owners of pass-through companies would get some relief, but the qualifications suggest not all restaurateurs would qualify.

The sale came with activists circling, but forced deals aren’t always the best option.

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