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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Weighing the cost of proprietary sauces

As operators push to cater to consumers’ growing demand for on-trend food, proprietary menu items—sauces, dips, etc.—are looking more and more appealing.


6 ways to avoid getting screwed on leases

With competition pushing up rents, a group of Washington, D.C., restaurateurs gathered to compare best practices. Here's a download.

The operation plans to close about 25 stores.

The company is suing operators in Minnesota and Missouri over unpaid franchise fees.

The 36 deals easily outdistanced brand acquisitions in 2016.

The tax law will foster an upswing in spending within franchised restaurants, while a friendlier business climate will have a positive effect on expansion plans, the International Franchise Association says.

The take-private deal comes less than three years after Fogo went public.

The sandwich chain isn't focused on the morning as it works to turn the rest of its business around, says RB's The Bottom Line.

Labor and material supply issues are putting pressures on vendors that will likely channel down to operators.

Wedding registries and third-party reservations services were once seen as too highfalutin for cookie-cutter places slinging pizza and potato skins. But not in today’s environment.

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