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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Grape expectations

As part of the chain’s “7 Days, 7 Deals, 7 Dollars” promotion, the sandwich—with housemade pickle and side—sells for $7.


How to build traffic during slow times

The slow times echo a familiar story for many restaurants. But the solutions don’t lie only in discounting, and they needn’t be high-tech.

Lessons to learn from chains that have had their highs and lows, including Daphne's California Greek, Shake Shack, Seasons 52 and Bobby's Burger Palace.

Restaurateurs thinking of discontinuing gratuities at their full-service restaurants should keep these early lessons in mind.

More than two in five operators have said that, of all factors, higher costs have most negatively impacted their operating profit in the past five years.

The chain was acquired by a private-equity firm run by restaurant franchisees.

The private-equity firm often doesn't follow its own guidelines for making acquisitions. Its latest conquest is a case in point.

Citing the services’ high costs, Olive Garden owner Darden and Newk’s Eatery are cautious on the industry trend.

A pair of advisory firms are recommending that shareholders vote against the deal.

Same-store sales declined 0.3% as storms hit the Midwest and Northeast.

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