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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


What's up with commercial real estate?

Owners of commercial real estate aren’t expecting a banner year for their retail property.


Where are they now?

Restaurantbusiness.com looks back at some of the concepts that figured into past Future 50 rankings of the day’s up-and-comers.

As part of its "Marry Bacon" campaign to promote a new bacon cheeseburger, West Coast fast food chain Jack in the Box also introduced a new milkshake flavor: Bacon.

Hurricane Sandy caused an estimated $63 billion in damages across the East Coast. Restaurants contributed their share to the bill.

With bans on plastic bags and polystyrene containers sweeping the country, we've looked at eco-friendly packaging options for restaurant operators.

Everyone is clamoring to be the next Chipotle. So what are the secrets to success for this industry strongman? We pull back the foil for a closer look.

New York City may be home to the most independent restaurants in the Top 100, but Las Vegas is a close second with 15. Sin City ranked as the No. 3 best place to open a restaurant on RB's 2015 Restaurant Growth Index.

For a clear snapshot of the restaurant brands that have their sights set on global expansion, here’s an exploration of the top 25 fastest-growing chains in the world.

A gauge of the storm's impact also shows how a big pay-per-view event TKO'd business.

Carrols Corp. noted little difference in the performance of its oldest and newest stores.

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