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How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Credit card borrowing

Need some quick cash for the business? After years of taking a back seat to home equity loans, plastic may be set for a comeback.


Commodities Costs Have Restaurants Cutting Closer To The Bone

After trimming the obvious fat, restaurant chains are now having to cut closer to the bone as they look for ways to combat rising food costs and preserve healthy margins while avoiding significant price hikes.

Wholesale food costs will ease significantly for restaurants this year, but operators will still feel a pinch on margins because of customers’ resistance to pass-along increases in menu prices, according to the National Restaurant Association.

In November, the risotto featured mushrooms, wild scallions and artichokes, but now it’s transitioning into a cozy vehicle for roasted root vegetables.

What are the issues most likely to be discussed both on and off stage during the Restaurant Leadership Conference? A recent pulse check by the National Restaurant Association reveals some reordering of the usual concerns preoccupying restaurateurs.

Licensing products doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Brands with small programs that they say are lucrative as well as simpler to maintain—and began with relative ease. For restaurateurs looking into licensing, there are lessons to learn at every level.

Tourism continues to rule the Top 100 Independent Restaurants. Not surprisingly, New York City is home to the most restaurants in the ranking. 33 of the Top 100 restaurants are located in the Big Apple.

The evidence is irrefutable: After a decent start to the year, restaurants are having a tough time luring customers and getting them to spend.

The venerable budget-steakhouse brands will become sister concepts of Fatburger.

Comps for the third quarter fell 17.3%, but were partially offset by the improved performance of its older sister, Pizza Inn.

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